Shutter Operation and Hinge Placement

Selecting plantation shutters as your prime choice for window treatments is one of the best decisions you can make. From their elegant beauty to their unmistakable design, shutters bring a sense of sophistication to any space. Hunter Douglas not only offers quality shutters that boast modern designs, they also have a variety of hinge placement systems available for operating your window treatments. Take a look at the different ways to hinge shutters when installing your new window treatments for ideas when it comes to designing your own.

Fold To Open

One of the best features of plantation shutters is the many ways you can be creative with how you want to open or close them. When it comes to an easily operated operating system for your shutters, consider the Bi-Fold Track. Bi-fold Track allows you to effortlessly open your plantation shutters leaving an unobstructed view. This system is designed to fold your shutters back to each side, with each panel coming together into a compact space. With the ability to hold up to 6 panels that can be hinged together, Bi-Fold Track is a great choice for covering larger doors or windows. You never have to worry about the panels folding awkwardly as they run on a top track for support and guidance. Bi-Fold Track is available with all of the Hunter Douglas products including Heritance® real wood shutters, the hybrid New Style™, and their exclusive polysatin Palm Beach™ shutters to accommodate any style you choose.

Pass On By

Think back to the ease and convenience of opening a sliding glass door, when using it was as simple as sliding it from one side to the other. Hunter Douglas utilizes this same concept when it comes to Bypass Track, their operating system that slides to adjust your window treatments. With this design, your shutters are connected on top tracks and conveniently slide past one another when opening and closing your windows, leaving a clear view or complete privacy depending on which you desire.

Traditional Hinged Panels

One of the most traditional methods for opening your plantation shutters is much like opening a door, as Hinged Panels simply fold out to each side from an optional T-post frame. This design doesn’t fold together or slide past one another, instead it keeps the entire shutter intact and opens it to one side or another for a completely exposed window. While Hinged Panels are remarkably easy to operate, they can be one of the most versatile systems for your windows if you consider their placement. Not all shutters have to open to the left or the right, or remain hinged to the sides of your windows. For a more unique and stylish appearance, consider hanging your plantation shutters from the top of your windows or from the bottom. You can also choose to hang your shutters on the bottom of the window only, café style, which allows you to leave the top open for more sunlight. To discuss more design options when installing your Kauai HI shutters, contact the friendly staff of Window Trends to help complete your exclusive look.