Operating Systems for Blinds 

When it comes to making your home more functional, you may want to consider adding an upgraded operating system to your window treatments. Whether you choose a motorized unit or another system that makes lifting your treatments easier, you can improve your home in more than one way by choosing a convenient lift system. Take a look at the various Hunter Douglas operating systems available for their line of shades and blinds in Kauai HI.

PowerView™ Motorization

Hunter Douglas has taken motorized window treatments to the next level with their award winning PowerView™ operating system. If you want the ultimate in home convenience, choose this system for easy remote access available with the Pebble Remote Control or control your windows from your smart phone or tablet with the PowerView™ App. You can also program PowerView™ Motorization to operate at certain times throughout the day by creating different scenes for individual rooms and treatments to fit your coverage needs. Considering this system is completely motorized with battery power or a hardwired system depending on your preference, you can ensure your home is a safe with a cordless environment for small children or pets.


If a motorized operating system doesn’t fit your needs but the idea of a cordless window treatment is preferable, Hunter Douglas has answered your needs. With their LiteRise® system, you can easily push to raise your blinds or pull to close, making them simple to use without cords. Not only does this cordless system guarantee home safety, it also keeps the appearance of your window treatments clean and organized. There is no need to worry about continually adjusting your blinds as this system is designed to securely hold them in place without any hassle or tangled cords. For the safety of a cordless unit without an elaborate operating system, LiteRise® is a perfect addition for upgrading your window treatments in a simple yet efficient way.

UltraGlide® & EasyRise™

Most traditional blinds are equipped with cords, however that doesn’t mean you have to settle for an average operating system. With the Hunter Douglas UltraGlide® and EasyRise™ units, you can use the familiar corded system with advancements for even easier use. UltraGlide® offers a retractable cord that remains the same length regardless if you’ve raised or lowered your blinds, giving you freedom from long and dangerous hanging cords. Hunter Douglas also offers EasyRise™, a system that operates with a continuous corded loop for added safety and convenience.

Distinctive Systems

While cordless and motorized systems tend to overshadow other operating systems, Hunter Douglas reminds us of their unique line of products when it comes to adjusting your blinds. Their Top-Down/Bottom-Up operating system allows you the to raise the top of your treatments while lowering the bottom for the right amount of light or privacy in your home. This system can be paired with Roman shades, Honeycomb, Woven Woods, and several other lines to give your windows an up-to-date and modern feel. If you’re attempting to provide shade for large windows or sliding glass doors, Vertiglide™ is the best option for vertical coverage from floor to ceiling or the entire length of your window. For more information on Kauai HI blinds and operating systems, contact the helpful staff at Window Trends today.