How to Clean Shades and Sheers

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments like Shades and Sheers are made from quality materials that not only are designed to last a long time but also to be easy to clean and care for. This article is going to provide you with helpful tips to clean and care for your Hunter Douglas shades and sheers so you can keep them looking and working as fine as the day you bought them. And remember that you can always check back to the official Hunter Douglas Care and Cleaning Guide for more help.

Dust and Stain Resistant Fabric

Many of the fabrics used in our shades and sheers come specifically treated to repel dust, dirt and stains. This makes cleaning and keeping your window treatments clean much easier. Many of the fabrics offered require only a light dusting. Do not use a magnetic duster or dust mitt on products with a light-dimming backing, as this will ruin the fabric. A vacuum on the lowest setting can also be used. Avoid using vertical strokes on Luminette® Sheers as this will crease the fabric. Many times light regular dusting is the only care your shades or sheers will need. For sheers with embedded vanes, you can use a hair dryer on cool setting or a can of compressed air to remove bugs or debris from the vanes.

Occasional Spot Cleaning

Before you attempt to spot clean any shade or sheer, check your fabric to determine if it can be spot treated. A complete chart is available on the Hunter Douglas care and cleaning PDF. When spot treating, often you only need cold water and a soft cloth. Gently dab the area and avoid rubbing that might ruin your shade or sheer. If your fabric allows, mild detergent can be used.

Removing Wrinkles

Occasionally your window treatment may need to be “finished” or steamed to maintain a uniform look. Design Studio™ Roman Shades are an example. Use a small travel steamer to gently remove wrinkles. A heavy-duty steamer is not recommended. Not all fabric can be steamed so be sure and check the Hunter Douglas Care and Cleaning guide before proceeding.

Professional Cleaning

Some fabrics and products require professional cleaning. Two methods are used, an injection/extraction method or an Ultrasonic method. When you purchase your window treatment, ask your design consultant about the proper cleaning method. You should also receive a product specifications page with your window treatment that describes the best method of cleaning your product. When in doubt, refer back to the Hunter Douglas care and cleaning guide or call your window treatment experts at Window Trends, the home of the best sheers and shades in Kauai, Hawaii.