Choosing the Right Blinds

Decorating your home shouldn’t be an endless search for the perfect items, especially when it comes to your window treatments. You can easily find the right blinds for your windows when you take a moment to consider what purpose you want your treatments to serve. Consider these helpful tips when selecting a new blind for your home and contact the expert staff at Window Trends for more help on selecting blinds in Kauai HI.


Window treatments that require a lot of maintenance when being cleaned or opened tend to deter you from using them, which is why choosing the right blind for your windows is important. First, consider the type of window you are trying to cover and how often you plan to open or close it. If it is hard to reach you may want to consider remote controlled operating systems such as the Hunter Douglas PowerView™ Motorization. Also consider how often you will be using the blinds and how much maintenance it will take to clean them. For example, faux wood blinds are more resilient to water and sunlight than real wood blinds or shutters, making them a great choice for people who want the look of real wood without the hassle. If wood doesn’t suite your style needs, then consider aluminum blinds over fabric material, as they will be much more simple to clean if an easy care window treatment is what you are looking for.

Types of Windows

Selecting the right blind for the right window is not only visually appealing but it also helps to serve the main purpose of providing your home with privacy and light control. The type of blind you select should be strongly based on the types of windows you’re attempting to cover. A bedroom or bathroom window, for example, will need much more privacy and light control than a living area or kitchen. For more private and secluded rooms, blinds with thick fabrics such as Roman shades or the cellular Honeycomb shades are perfect choices. For living spaces with a lot of traffic, such as dining areas or living rooms, the Hunter Douglas Roller shades are a reliable and sturdy choice, along with their faux wood lines and aluminum blinds as well. If you’re attempting to cover large windows or sliding glass doors that typically run from floor to ceiling, choosing a vertically oriented window treatment can help you achieve the best coverage.

Be Creative

When choosing a window treatment for your home, it’s important to incorporate your own personal style along with an efficient blind for proper coverage. You can still be creative yet functional by adding flair to your treatments with vivid colors and modern print designs, which are common on the Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roman shades or Designer Roller Shades. Combining different styles for a unique and layered appearance is also a great way to fashionably dress your windows, for example using a Hunter Douglas sheers or shadings with customized drapery for a modern appearance. Add a valance or trims and tapes as additional décor to help accent other colors throughout your home as well. Contact the expert staff at Window Trends today to help you select your Kauai HI blinds or drapes for a specially designed window treatments for your home.